The Dickson Kids

The Dickson Kids

Friday, November 7, 2014


So We just finished our first quarter and got al the grades in. 
Jericho got alot of 3 and a couple of 2's with 5 being the highest but no one geting any 5's yet because they do'nt know everything from kinder yet. 
Libby got alot of a's (one B) witch is super awsome.
Hunter is not liking school and sees no point but still got c's b's and an A.
Dakota gotmostly a's and b's but the reason I am writing this because we had confrences today and one of her teachers looks at Dakota how I loke at her and just raved about her.  He did not want to see me to tell me bad stuff but to let me know what an amazing daughter I have.  How smart she is and how most of the class is jelous of her because she can read a book while taking notes and still get a 96 on his test.  He said a boy called him on it last week.  He talked to Dakota and asked if he could share her grades she was like what ever.  He told all the kids the her grades were better then any of them and if reading and note taking helps her to focus better he was ok with that.  Everyone wanted to be ih her group after that but she was nice and picked the same group she always picked.  It was so nice to hear someone else reconize that my daughter is smart and amazing and picular and unique and that was ok.  

Monday, October 27, 2014


Hocus Pocus Sarah Sanderson Makeup Tutorial

We decided to watch Hocus Pocus  for FHE.  I thought it would be a fun Halloween movie and my kids had never seen it.  I love it.   So we were all snuggled on the couch. Even Grandmere joined us!  Liberty cris really easy and was sad a coupleof times.  I kept telling her it was just a movie and everything turns out in t end.  We got to the part were they thought they had burned the witches so they were at home safe.  They decided to open the book andit calledth witches to the house.  (If you have'nt seen this sorry)  The olderbrothr knows something is wrong and goes to check on his little sister.  He picks up the sheets on her bed and the blonde witch sits up.  Liberty screamed so loud we all jumped and laughed so hard.  At he end of the movie we were still going on and on about Liberty's scream being the best part.  They could have hired her for the job.  It was supper funny.  I did not know she could scream like that.   She scared us all!

Saturday, October 25, 2014


day we had a gae at 9 am for Jericho.  We had treats and his team is called the big donuts so we brought donuts for snack.  Then Huter's game was at 10 am.  They bot played really well.  Only Jericho has started to like soccer and actually doing what he is supose to.  He actully played both quarters YAAA!

Jericho even played goalie.

Look at that kick

Go Big Donuts

Here is Hunter's team the Bone Crushers!

Jericho played bowling during Hunter's game.
Then we came home and ate lunch and then went back for Liberty's game at 1:40

I did a team photo while I was there becaue on 4 kids showed up on her picture day.

She is te eagles and she played super hard to.  Had to be carried off the field after a bad trip
but she went write back in.

After soccer then Steve was home from work and with soccer practice 4 times a week the chores are lacking because we have no time.  So to work we went with a bunch of gurumbly kids.  Our fridge died yesterday too so we had to take it out and find a new one.  We have one in the garage so we did not lose any food but it is missing all its drawers and door racks so our sauces basiclly took up the whole fridge. We looked on Graigs list and the man said we could look at it tomarow.  So we worked the kids hard for 2 1/2 hours with lots of complaining and my whole house (Loft, both living rooms, kitchen,dinning, and the kids rooms) were all clean.  They even cleaned out my van! So Steve took simpathy on there hard work and treated the family to CICI's which is there favorite place to eat.  And it is always on sale!  They were giving away a free facial when we came out of CICI's so I got an extra treat I had never had before. So Saturday was our special day the day we got ready for Sunday.  And now with aclean house I fill like I can go out of town on wednesday!

Monday, September 1, 2014


Maleficent, Full-Length Trailer #3

We went to see Maleficent today.  It is finally at the dollar theater were I can take my whole family.  We got there during the previews and it was really dark.  They put new seats in it and only 5 people can be in a row.  Jericho and Dad ended up in the row in front of us.  We settled in to watch and Jericho looked next to him and climbed partway into my lap and started eating my popcorn.  Then you hear Dad kind of loud.  That is not your mom.  He looks closer and jumps back with a hand full of popcorn.  Dad says eat what you have and tell her sorry.  She said that is fine no problem. 
Libby got a little scared but liked it.  Dakota found it intriguing.  Hunter was board.  Dad predicted it.  Jericho liked it.  I loved it(I had already seen it).  It was a great adventure for a day off. 
On the way to the car Dakota starts getting into someone elses red van.  We ask her if she is trying to get a new family.  There were people in the car and they were laughing.
It was a fun time. We saw the preview for Guardians of the Galaxy ( Steve and I saw it for our anniversary weekend)  The kids want to see it so I will watch the dollar theater for when it arrives.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Special Sunday

We have been reading our scriptures every day since school started.  I have been waking the little kids up before the big kids leave and making an extra special effort to get everyone(not dad) together for prayer and scriptures.  So today the kids were good at getting up and did not argue and even got ready in time to have scriptures this morning before church.  I was so impressed and hope that this continues to bring the spirit into my home.  after church Hunter saw the new friend.  They had built a Lego temple on the front of it.  He said we should do that.  So Libby , Dakota and Hunter went up stairs and spent a long time putting it together.

It was decided that we needed more white legos to build it how big they made it on the friend.

This was the girl that was going to go to the temple.  Dakota made her a shirt, Hunter wanted the legs Dakota said she needed a skirt.  Hunter picked a different piece for the skirt.  Dakota said that is too short and not modest enough to go to the temple.  Amazing what kinds of discussions Legos will bring up.

This is the finished product with no girl walking in front

But check out our angel Maroni isn't he great!

I am greatful for the church magazines and the inspiration and spirit they bring into our home!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

August 28th

Today was Baskin robins night at school.  So I had to take the tip jar in and tell them thank you and make sure some of the teachers show up.  So I let the kids get a kids scoop of Ice cream(I had a coupon of course)They all wanted to taste each one so I limited the tasting to 2 flavors. 

Dakota picked a fancy Chocolate

Liberty picked pure chocolate

 Then Jericho wanted a sherbet.  She said the sweet or sour on and he tasted the sour and wanted that one. 

Hunter picked cookie dough 

We love our once a year trip to Baskin Robbins for Guy Night

After that we went to craft time at the library were my kids made a lot of turtles and checked out some great stori
 Hunter's Turtle

Dakota's turtles
 Jericho's and Liberty's
After that we ate dinner and I put the kids to bed then headed back to Baskin Robbins Night to get the tip jar and tell them thank you so much.  Me and Steve got Sunday's (with a coupon) and the school made $220.  What a fun and busy night!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A couple of cute things

When I picked Jericho up from Kindergarten Yesterday he said "I hate School"
This morning Liberty said " So far this year has been great"  I said "the school year?"  She said "YES" (Today is the second day!)